I have been an acupuncture patient of Sharon’s for over two years. She treats me for a number of things and it has worked wonders for me. Sharon has helped me with chronic knee pain, IBS, stress, sleep, my menstrual cycle and more. Not only is she insanely knowledgable but she is kind and warm. She is someone you’ll want to hang out with after treatments! I dare you not to love her! Acupuncture with Sharon has truly changed my life!

I am Sharon’s very first patient! I met her at an open house at Harmony Healthcare in 2004 where I had been going for massage therapy, and have been seeing her ever since.

At the time I was suffering with chronic pain from 8 herniated disks, TMJ, knee and hip issues. I didn’t know what it was like to be out of pain until that first treatment. I was feeling nervous about having needles inserted into my skin but Sharon has an amazing way of putting you at ease and I barely felt anything. When the treatment was finished, I felt renewed and healed. The pain was very much diminished. In addition, she provided me with some liniment to try on the sore areas. They were extremely efficacious in relieving soreness and pain.

I have been seeing Sharon ever since! It never fails, no matter what I am feeling, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, Sharon knows how to help me through it. Not only is she thorough about inquiring how I am feeling, she explains everything she is doing, what the needle placement affects and also gives background about the various meridians on which she is working.

She is extremely supportive and empathetic to whatever condition I am experiencing and knows exactly what to do to help me.

I always look forward to my visits to Sharon and the great benefits to my health and life.

I have been in pain, and have been fortunate enough to be under the care of someone who listens, hears, makes sure she understands my pain, thoroughly explains the treatment and philosophy and any other questions I have had, cares about all details from the relaxed and attractive setting to the smells and music – then professionally, confidently and efficiently performs the treatment … the groundwork is set for success! I have the highest regard for this professional who has helped me resolve my pain!

– P.D.

Completely cured my plantar fasciitis.

– H.J.

I need to say that I owe so much to Sharon. I had been paralyzed from Guillian-Barre syndrome. After many months I gained back most feeling. My left foot and leg still had no feeling. I felt like I was walking on a sponge and could not tell feel what I was walking on. I went to Sharon for this and other problems I still had from the Guillians. After maybe eight treatments all of a sudden I reacted to some of the needles going into my foot. She pulled them out and did it again and we still laugh at how excited we were with me feeling a little pain in my foot. Unless you’ve been in this state you could never understand my excitement. Since then she has helped me so much. She truly cares for everyone who goes to see her. Thank you Sharon for all you have done for me.

– B.K.

Sharon is the best. She truly helped me a great deal to feel better.

– C.G.

Sharon has been so wonderful in treating my ailments… My knee pains and lately with my shoulder, her combination of Acupuncture and Thai Massage has made me feel Great!!!

– T.S.

Love love love.  Sharon is the reason I am free from back pain among other ailments!

– L.B.

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*When herbs are given as supplement to an Acupuncture treatment there is no additional Herbal Consultation fee, just the cost of the herbs.

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